REAL Seminars 2005

REAL Seminar Series aims at disseminating latest research by students, visiting scholars, and professors in Regional Science and Economics.

Speakers in this seminar series are mainly related to the REAL-UIUC, unless otherwise noted.

The venue and time:
Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00 pm.
219 Davenport Hall 
607 S. Mathews Avenue

Last update on Monday, March 6, 2006   

December 13, 2005Silvia ToyoshimaTitle: TBA
December 6, 2005Piedade Araujo (Exchange Student from University of Sao Paulo)Title: TBA
November 29, 2005Josefina Florez (Department of Urban Planning, Simon Bolivar University)Title: To Walk or Not To Walk: Factors Affecting that Decision (part 2)
November 22, 2005Thanksgiving Week
November 15, 2005Roberto Basile (ISAE and University of Macerata, Italy) andGianfranco Piras (Vergata University of Rome, Italy)Title: Analyzing Intra-Distributional Dynamics: A Reappraisal
November 8, 2005Louis A. Galvis (Dept. of Geography, UIUC)Title: TBA
November 1, 2005Roberto Basile (ISAE and University of Macerata, Italy)Title: Location Choices of Multinational Firms in Europe
October 25, 2005Josefina Florez (Department of Urban Planning, Simon Bolivar University)Title: To Walk or Not To Walk: Factors Affecting that Decision (part 1)
October 18, 2005Jee-Sun Lee (Dept. of Geography, UIUC)Title: The Structure of Interregional Trade Flows in the United States
October 11, 2005Erik Dietzenbacher (Faculty of Economics, University of Groningen)Title: Using Average Propagation Lengths to Identify Production Chains
October 4, 2005Jaewon Lim (Dept. of Urban & Regional Planning, UIUC)Title: Analysis on Interregional Migration with Transition Probability Matrix
September 27, 2005Sang Gyoo Yoon (Dept. of Economics, UIUC)Title: Impacts of Demographic Changes in the Chicago Region
September 20, 2005No Seminar
September 13, 2005John Parr (Department of Urban Studies, University of Glasgow)Title: Spatial Definitions of the City: Four Perceptions
September 6, 2005Sandy Daller’baTitle: Drawing Regional Development Policies: A dialogue of the deaf?
June 2 – August 30, 2005Summer Break
June2, 2005Carlos Eduardo Lobo Silva (Dept. of Urban &Regional Planning, UIUC)Title: Location, Communication, and Control within a Vertically Integrated Firm
May 25, 2005Pedro Ramos (University of Coimbra, Portugal)Title: Does the Trade Balance Really Matters for Regions?
May 24, 2005No Seminar
May 17, 2005No Seminar
May 10, 2005No Seminar
May 3, 2005Paksi Walandouw (Dept. of Urban &Regional Planning, UIUC)Title: Indonesia Regional Income Inequality: An Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis
April 26, 2005No Seminar
April 19, 2005No Seminar
April 12, 2005Laudo M. OguraTitle: Urban growth controls and intercity commuting
April 5, 2005Sang Gyoo YoonTitle: Tariffs as Insurance with Adverse Selection
March 29, 2005No Seminar
March 22, 2005Spring Break (no seminar)
March 15,2005Jaewon Lim & Marcelo Lufin (Dept. of Urban &Regional Planning, UIUC)Title: Push-pull Analysis & Dynamic Modeling on Migration Pattern of Chicago PMSA: 1992-2001
March 9, 2005Michael SonisTitle: Theory of Innovation Diffusion: 100 Years of Development
March 1, 2005Michael SonisTitle: Land Uses Landscape and Matrix Land Uses Analysis
February 22,2005Manuel Alcino R. da Fonseca (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)Title: Macro-Models in Economic and Financial Planning
February 15,2005No Seminar
February 8,2005Mu, Lan (Dept. of Geography, UIUC)Title: Computational Geometry in GIScience Research
February 1, 2005Shiro HiokiTitle: Identifying the Structural Changes of China’s Spatial Production Linkages Using a Qualitative Input-Output Analysis
January 25, 2005Gianfranco Piras (Tor Vergata University, Rome, Italy)Title: Convergence in per-capita GDP across EU-NUTS2 regions using panel data models extended to spatial autocorrelation effects.
January 19, 2005No Seminar
January 12, 2005Marcelo Lufin (Dept. of Urban &Regional Planning, UIUC)Title: Social capital in a Social Network Framework: Analysis of  social spaces in Region of Tarapaca (Chile)