REAL Seminar Series 2020

Fall 2020 – Fridays, 10:00am-11:30am

August 21

Rafael Garduno-Rivera, Universidad Panamericana, México: Effect of Tariff Liberalization on Mexico’s Income Distribution in the presence of Migration

Euijune Kim, Professor, Seoul National University: TBD

September 18

Luis Carazza, Professor at UFRPE, Brazil: Uber and Traffic Fatalities: Evidence from Brazilian cities

Willian Adamczyk, PhD Student at PUCRS, Brazil: Inequality of Opportunity in Brazil: recent trends and some pitfalls

September 25

Rosa Duarte, Professor at UNIZAR, Spain: Household consumption patterns and income inequality in EU countries: Scenario analysis for a fair transition towards low-carbon economies

Simone Maria Grabner, PhD candidate at GSSI, Italy: Interregional Input-Output Linkages and Relatedness as Drivers of Regional Diversification: Evidence from U.S. Counties

October 2

Tatiane Almeida de Menezes, Professor at UFPE, PIMES, Brazil: Assessing the impact of social distancing on covid-19 cases and deaths in Brazil: an instrumented difference-in-differences approach

Paulo Uranga, PhD Student at PUCRS, Brazil: Spatial Inequality in Accessibility to ICU Beds in Brazilian Municipalities

October 9

Sofía Jiménez, Professor at UNIZAR, Spain: Challenging climate change: economic effects of regions interaction from an “atmosfear” perspective

Natália Branco Stein, PhD Student at PUCRS, Brazil: The valuation of creativity and the index of Brazilian creative cities: what is their relationship with economic development?

October 16

Ting Zhang, Professor at U. Baltimore: The Role of Work from Home for Small Businesses in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Michael Delgado, Professor at Purdue University: Peer effects in Fertility and Son Preference of China

October 23

Dusan Paredes, Professor at UCN, Chile: Subnational crowding out and mining localities: Does the level of local provision of public goods matter?

Riccardo Crescenzi, Professor at LSE, United Kingdom: The Impact of Chinese FDI in Africa: Evidence From Ethiopia

October 30

Carlos Azzoni, Professor at USP, Brazil: Job-change-wage-premium, and urban size

Lucia Bolea, PhD Student at UNIZAR: The regional character of global value chains: an analysis for the European Union

November 06

Alicia Chávez, PhD Student at UCN, Chile: Public spending and economies of scale in partial fiscal decentralized governments: The case of Chile

Andre Chagas, Professor at USP, Brazil: Neighborhood Effects in Disaggregated Consumption: Evidence from Brazil

November 13

Laura Desiree Vernier Fujita, Professor at PUCRS, Brazil: Spatial distribution and dissemination of education in Brazilian municipalities

Andrés Rodriguez-Pose, Professor at UFJF, Brazil: Golfing with Trump. Social capital, decline, inequality, and the rise of populism in the US

November 25

Stefan Borsky, Professor (Assistant) of Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Graz (KFU Graz): The role of global supply chains in the transmission of weather induced production shocks

Alessandra Faggian, Professor at GSSI, Italy: Artificial Intelligence and the geography of eco-innovation

November 27

Raphael Fernandes, MSc Student at USP, Brazil: Government spending multiplier and regional economic growth: a general equilibrium analysis

Xiaoli Shi, Associate Professor; Jimei University, China: Industrial transfer and its impact on regional innovation: the case of China

December 04

Landon Marston, Assistant Professor at Kansas State University: Reducing water scarcity by improving water productivity

Sandy Dallerba, Professor, UIUC: Identifying the atmospheric and economic key drivers of global air pollution change: a combined SDA approach

December 11

Aline Souza Magalhães, Professor at UFMG, Brazil: Regional impacts of climate change on family farming and large-scale agricultural productivity in Brazil

Bart Los, Professor, University of Groningen: UK Regions in Global Value Chains

Summer 2020 – Fridays, 10:00am-11:30am

June 12

Lina Maddah, PhD Student, Department of Economics. Universitat Rovira i Virgili: Cultural and Creative Industries as Drivers of Employment Growth at Local Level in Cataloni

Claudia Montania, REGIOlab – Regional Economics Laboratory of the University of Oviedo : Extending SSA to IRRIO linkages: The MDIOSS model, theory and application

Christa Court, Food and Resource Economics Department, University of Florida : Accounting for global value chains: COVID-19, international trade, and global inequality

June 19

Dongwoo Kang, Research Professor, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea: Impact of introducing one-stop employment service centres on local employment in South Korea.

Bruce Newbold, Professor of Geography, McMaster University: Migration or Commute? Short-Term Relocation Versus Long Term Migration

June 26

Olivier Parent, Professor of Economics, University of Cincinnati: Beyond homophilic dyadic interactions: the impact network formation on individual outcomes

Mikaela Backman, Associate Professor, Jönköping International Business School: Ageing and entrepreneurship

July 3

Haifeng Qian, Associate Professor, Urban & Regional Planning, The University of Iowa: Entrepreneurship and Income Inequality in US Cities

Laura Calvi, PhD Student, Federal University of Parana – Brazil: TBD

July 10

Ivan Flores, MSc Student, University of Illinois: Machine Learning Accuracy for Predicting Deforestation Patterns

Roberto Patuelli, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Bologna, Italy: TBD

July 17

Patricio Aroca, CEPR, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez Chile; Jaewon Lim, University of Nevada Las Vegas; Jaime Bonet, Banco de la Republica, Colombia: COVID19 Panel Discussion: Perspectives and challenges for Regional Economics

July 24

Augusto Alvim, Professor of Economics, PUCRS – Brazil: Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Impacts on Brazilian Meat and Dairy Sectors

Noe Nava, PhD Student, University of Illinois: Building resilience against weather shocks: Should we go local?

July 31

William Ridley, Assistant professor, University of Illinois : The Impact of Climate Change on the International Trade and Production of Crops

Tauã Vital, PhD student UFJF / Visiting scholar REAL: Racial bias in homicides due to resistance in police interventions in São Paulo

August 7

Rocio Valdebenito, PhD Student, University of Illinois: High school graduates and education migration decisions: How far are Chilean students willing to go?

Federico Ceballos, PhD Student, University of Illinois: Spatial spillovers from conflict resolution processes: the case of Colombia’s peace agreement

Brian Kim, Professor, Seoul National University : High Speed Rail System as a Sustainable Transportation Mode? – Energy Consumption, Carbon Emission and Ecological Effect Assessment of HSRS in Korea

August 14

Alberto Franco Solis, Assistant Professor at the University of Extremadura, Spain: Dynamics of Deforestation Worldwide: A Structural Decomposition Analysis of Agricultural Land Footprint in South America

Bartek Rokiki, Professor, University of Warsaw: TBD

Spring 2020 – Fridays, 3:30pm-4:30pm 51 Mumford Hall

March 13th

Yi Huang, UIUC

April 3rd

Jhorland Ayala García, Ph. D. Student, UIUC

Rocio Valdebenito, Ph. D. Student, UIUC

April 10th

Ivan Flores, Ph. D. Student, UIUC

Xianning Wang, Assistant Professor, Chongqing Normal University

April 17th

Beatriz Pereira de Almeida, Ph. D. Student, School of Economics, Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Pietro Andre Telatin, Ph. D. Student, State University of Maringá, Brazil

April 24th

Xiaoyu Cui, Ph. D. Student, Renmin University of China

Xiuli Liu, Professor, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

May 1st

Meng’er Tu, Ph. D. Student, School of Economics, Shanghai University, China: The role of dependency in knowledge production: Based on Chinese AI patenting activity

Federico Ceballos, Ph. D. Student, UIUC: Crop Shifting Dynamics in Colombia’s Coffee Region: Can Discrete-Continuous Choice Models be Improved with Machine Learning?

May 22th

Xiaoyu Cui, Ph. D. Student, Renmin University of China