REAL 2004 Seminars

The venue and time:
Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00 pm.
219 Davenport Hall 
607 S. Mathews Avenue

REAL Seminar Series aims at disseminating latest research by students, visiting scholars, and professors in Regional Science and Economics. Speakers in this seminar series are mainly related to the REAL-UIUC, unless otherwise noted.

If you would like to schedule a presentation, please contact Dong Guo (Carolyn) ( for available time slots.

Last update on Wednesday, December 15, 2004   

December 9, 2004Diemo DietrichTitle: Internal Capital Markets of Multinational Corporations: Possible Consequences for the Cross-border Transmission of Business Cycles
December 1, 2004No Seminar
November 24, 2004Thanksgiving break
November 17, 2004Joaquim J.M. Guilhoto (Universidade de São Paulo)Title: Commodity Price Changes and Their Impacts on Poverty in Developing Countries: the Brazilian Case
November 10, 2004NARSC meeting in Seattle, WA
November 3, 2004Jaewon Lim and Jee-Sun LeeTitle: Analysis on the strength of housing market with the consideration of migration patterns
October 27, 2004No Seminar
October 20, 2004Sandy Dall’erbaTitle: Spatial and Sectoral Productivity Convergence Between European Regions, 1975-2000
October 13, 2004Coro Chasco Yrigoyen (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)Title: Spatial Prediction: A naïve approximation to spatial extrapolation of income data
October 6, 2004No Seminar
September 29, 2004No Seminar
September 22, 2004No Seminar
September 15, 2004Ana FavaTitle: Gender Role and Earnings in Brazil: Were there any changes?
September 8, 2004Coro Chasco Yrigoyen (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)Title : Diffusion and Dynamic Trend of Spatial Deference
August 31, 2004Jaime BonetTitle: Educational Facility Disparity in Colombia
August 24, 2004No Seminar
August 17, 2004Julie Le Gallo (University of Bordeaux – IFReDE-GRES)Title: Spatial interpolation and measures of the effect of air quality in hedonic house price models
August 10, 2004Coro Chasco Yrigoyen (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)Title: Urban Growth and Territorial Dynamics in Spain (1985-2001): A Spatial Econometrics Analysis
August 3, 2004 No Seminar
July 27, 2004Justin G. GardnerTitle: Estimates of R&D Spillover in U.S. Agriculture Productivity: a Spatial Econometric Interpretation
July 20, 2004Karl RichTitle: A Spatial Model of Animal Disease Control in Livestock: Empirical Analysis of Foot and Mouth Disease in the Southern Cone
July 13, 2004Marcelo Lufin and Fernando VialTitle: Regional Differentials and Interregional Wage Differentials in Chile: An integrated analysis using a Linear Hierarchical Model  
July 6, 2004Oleg SmirnovTitle: Property Rights in von Thunen’s Economics
June 29, 2004No Seminar
June 22, 2004No Seminar
June 15, 2004Seminar for Professor Maureen Kilkenny (Iowa State University)1. Jee-Sun Lee, 2. Nazmiye Balta, 3. Fernando Vial,
4. Dong Guo, 5. Marcelo Lufin
June 8, 2004Oleg SmirnovTitle: Aggregate Producer Behavior in the Market Economy
June 1, 2004Furqon SofhaniTitle: Collective Efficiency at the Cluster of Small-Scale Industry: Indonesian Case Study 
May 25, 2004No Seminar
May 18, 2004Seungkyu ParkTitle: Analysis of Spatial Effects of Seaport Investment on Regional Economic Growth of Busan Part Two
May11, 2004Anthony R. McGee, Jr.Title: The Regional Effect of Credentialism & Overqualification in the Workplace
May 4, 2004Marcelo LufinTitle: Social Capital Theory and its Application in the Chilean Reality
April 27, 2004Andrew Isserman Title: What is and is not Regional Science?   The Intellectual Core Defined by Journal Article Citations
April 20, 2004Oleg SmirnovTitle: A Spatial Production Function 
April 13, 2004Sonny HarryTitle: The Relationship between Social Welfare and Interregional Interactions in the Provision of Public Goods: Education Sector – Part Two  
April 6, 2004Allexandro CoelhoTitle: Impacts of trade liberalization policies on Brazilian regional economic structure
March 30, 2004Luis GalvisTitle: Regional wage disparities in Colombia
March 23, 2004 Spring Break (no seminar)
March 16,2004Ibnu SyabriTitle: Measures of Spatial Association for Flow Data
March 9, 2004Edgard Almeida PimentelTitle: Regional Inequalities in Minas Gerais: Empirical Evidences
March 2, 2004Fernando VialTitle: Combining Interregional Commodity Flow Models and Infrastructure Networks
February 24,2004Sandy Dall’erba and Dong GuoTitle: Structure of Interregional Trade and Migration Flows in Spain Analogy or Disparity?
February 17,2004Jaime BonetTitle: Fiscal decentralization and regional income disparities: evidence from the Colombian experience
 February 11,2004Sonny HarryTitle: The Relationship Between Social Welfare and Interregional Interactions in the Provision of Public Goods: Education Sector – Part One
February 3, 2004No Seminar
January 27, 2004Sandy Dall’erbaTitle: Productivity Convergence and Spatial Dependence Among Spanish Regions 
January 20, 2004No Seminar
January 13, 2004Irineu Rigotti and Luiz KehrleTitle: Demographic Trends and Homicides in Minas Gerais State,Brazil
January 6, 2004Ricardo Cavalcante and Simone UdermanTitle: The cost of a Structural Change: A Large Automobile Plant in a Brazilian Less Developed Region