2014 Seminars


Jan 27th“Tax Incidence and Carbon Leakage Under Different Burden Shifting Approaches “Zengkai Zhang
Feb 3rd“Informality and the School-to-work Transition: Studying Young Workers’ Prefernces for Informal Jobs “Andres Ham
Feb 10th“Ports and Convergence Process across the US Counties “Andi Irawan
Feb 17th“How do Development Ideas and Policies travel, adapt and mutate over time and across space? “Deniz Ay
Feb 24th“Peer Effects on Educational Aspirations”Leonardo Bonilla
Mar 3rd“Evaluating Local Policy for Violence Reduction: the Case of the Program “Pacto pela Vida” of the State of Pernambuco, Brazil”Raul Silveira-Neto
Mar 10th“How to measure a spatial effect of multiple sites”Taisuke Sadayuki
Mar 17th“Impact of Intergovernmental Transfers on Income Inequality in Brazil”Renata Caldas
Mar 31st“Spatial Micro Panel Data Approach to the Polish Wage Curve”Bartlomiej Rokicki
Apr 7th“Inequality of Opportunities for Children in Metropolitan Regions of Brazil”Gisleia Benini Duarte
Apr 7th“Modeling the demand for Housing Attributes in Developing Countries”Esteban Lopez
Apr 14th“Institutional reforms and economic performance: Some issues about Brazilian case after 1990’s”Elisangela Araujo
Apr 21st“Does Knowledge Drive Firms to Agglomerate? Evidence from China’s Policy Experiment”Miao Wang
Apr 21st“Wage Equations and the Regional Economics in Guatemala”Carlos Figueroa
Apr 28th“Does Wage Control Weigh on Economic Growth? Theory and Evidence from China”Zinan Zhang
Apr 28th“Productivity Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Mexican Regions: A Spatial Panel Data Approach”Roldan Andres
May 5th“Is City-county Merger in China Promoting Economic Agglomeration?”Tang Wei
May 5th“Intra-Regional Disparities in the Brazillian Northeast: A Spatial Decomposition Analysis”Luiz Ribeiro
May 12th“Research on Development of Suburban New Town in Shanghai Metropolitan Area: A Behavioral Perspective”Linzhi Ma
May 12th“Pro-poor Economic Growth in Brazilian Northeast: The Evidence for the periods 1991-2000 and 2000-2010”Raul Silverira

FALL 2014

Aug 25th“Tax Incidence and Carbon Leakage under Non-homothetic Preferences”Zengkai Zhang
Sep 8th“Multilevel convergence and its components”Alberto Díaz
Sep 15th“The impact of immigration on the wages of Spanish cities”Diana Gutierrez
Sep 22nd“Spatial Dependence and the Estimation of Treatment Effects: A Monte Carlo study”Andrés Ham
Sep 29th“Disaggregating Input-Output Tables in Time: the Temporal Input-Output Framework”Andre Fernandes Tomon Avelino
Oct 6th“The Economics of Sub-Optimal Policies for Traffic Congestion”Rodrigo Moita
Oct 13th“Does the Earned Income Tax Credit Make Children Fat?: The Impact of Policy-Driven Income on Childhood Obesity”Young Jo
Oct 20th“Long-Term Effects of Civil Conflict: Evidence from the Shining Path in Peru “Eduardo Malasquez
Oct 27th“Entrepreneurship in urban China: The role of agglomeration economies, related variety and the Vernon-Chinitz effect”Qi Guo
Oct 27th“Evaluating the Neighborhood Stabilization Program Using a Difference-In-Differences Matching Approach: Evidence from Chicago”Xian Fang
Nov 3rd“Social Accounting Matrices and their applications: A Financial Social Accounting Matrix (FSAM) disaggregated by Households for Brazil”Débora Freire Cardoso
Nov 4th“Understaning the Biopharma and ICT Cluster Econsystems in Ireland”Dr. John Hobbs
Nov 10th“Neighborhood Price Index: The case of Recife, Brazil”Alvaro Furtado
Nov 10th“Urban Sprawl in Spain: Differences among cities and causes”Fernando Rubiera
Nov 24th“Residential Mobility and Urban Displacement: The case of Bristol Park in Champaign-Urbana”Esteban Lopez
Dec 1st“Assessing GHG Emissions’ Tax in Brazil Using an Input-Output Model”Luiz Ribeiro
Dec 1st“Biomass Burning and Health: The Case of the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry”Diloá Bailey
Dec 2nd“The Impact of Commuting Duration on Youth’s Academic Performance: Could Mobility Compromise School Achievement”Robson Tigre
Dec 8th“Medicine Price Variation in an Urban Context: The Case of Lima, Peru”Luis Escobedo
Dec 8th“Household disaggregation and forecasting in a regional economy: within the framework of the regional econometric input-output model”Kijin Kim
Dec 15th“Analyzing Cigarette Consumption and its Determinants in Brazil”Glaucia Possas
Dec 15th“The effects of mandatory IFRS adoption on information environment: Evidence from post-E.U. adoption periodl”Josue Braga