2013 Seminars


Jan 14th“Location and Co-location In Retail: A Probabilistic Approach Using Geo-coded Data for Swedish Metropolitan Retail Markets “Özge Öner
Jan 28th“Competitive and Complementary Relationship between Regional Economies: Study of the Great Lake States “Sungyup Chung
Feb 4th“EPSIM – A Social-Environmental Regional Sequential Interindustry Economic Model for Energy Planning: Evaluating the Impacts of New Power Plants in Brazil “Andre Fernandez
Feb 11th“Impacts of Public Transit on Housing Prices across Neighborhoods in Tokyo: A Nonparametric Hedonic Approach “Minshu Du and Taisuke Sadayuki
Feb 18th“Income Shock from Different Sector and their Differential Effects on Domestic Terrorism: The Case of Indonesia “Sungyup Chung
Feb 25th“Scale Economies And Technological Progress In The Electricity Generation Market: The Case Of The Brazilian Utilities “Mauricio Marinis Machado
Mar 4th“The Effects of the Clean Air Act on Local Industrial Wages In the Presence of Wage Spillover”Kijin Kim
Mar 11th“Regional Income Disparities in Decentralizing Indonesia, 2001-2007”Andi Irawan
April 1st“Urban Renewal, Involuntary Intra-urban Migration and Spatial Dynamics in Wuhan”Yanping Tian
April 1st“Industrial Structural Changes of the Beijing Economy: A field of Influence Approach”Liu Xinjian
April 2nd“Co-location between the creative class and immigrants in Chicago, Boston and San Diego from 2000-2009”Yizhou Zhang
April 8th“Do those Lengthy Foreclosures Hurt the Nearby Property Value More”Xian Fang
April 15th“Understanding City Characteristics Relevant to Countrywide Urban Renewal Planning”Deniz Ay
April 15th“Rethinking Local Protectionism and Industrial Agglomeration in China: Evidence from Migration Eligibility Expansion”Miao Wang
April 23rd“Nature and Determinants of Product Innovation in Small Business: An Analysis for Spanish Regions”Isidoro Romero
April 24th“Demographic Transition and Demand for Goods and Services by Age Group in Brazil”Flaviane Souza Santiago
April 29th“A First Approach to Characterizing Crime in Metropolitan Lima-Peru”Luis Escobedo
May 6th“New Trends in Personal Taxation: The Analysis of Necessary Consumption in the Concept of Taxable Capacity”Laura Varela-Candamio
May 30th“The Role of the Regional Definition in Convergence Analysis: Some New Results and Insights”Fernando Rubiera
June 3rd“A Proposal for the delimination and analysis of the hinterland applied to Spanish Ports’ case”Lorena Grcia Alonso
June 17th“The Municipal Common Fund: What is its Role in the Local Income Convergence?: The case of Chile”Yasna Cortes
June 19th“A Comparison Between Demand Systems for Food Group by city Size in Spain 2011”Elena Lasarte
June 28th“Post-Privatization Ownership, Corporate Governance and Corporate Entrepreneurship in Privatized Firms in a Transitioning Economy”Huong T.M. Nguyen
July 15th“Extrapolating data from Household Survey to Small Areas Using Census Data Geographical Information”Patricio Aroca
August 15th“Unknown and Potentially Endogenous Spatial Structure: Spatial Econometrics and New Synthesis”Arnab Bhattacharjee

FALL 2013

Aug 26th“The Differential Regional Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Brazil “Igor Ezio Maciel Silva
Sep 9th“Regional Price Indices and Real Wage Equalization in Poland “Bartlomiej Roicki
Sep 16th“The Economic Cost of Gender and Race Discrimination in the Brazilian Labor Market “Kenia Barreiro de Souza
Sep 17th“Smart Energy Models and Multi-resource Interactions: Presentation of KTH-dESA’s research on the Open-source Energy Systems Model (OSeMOSYS) and the framework for integrated Climate, Land Use, Energy and Water Strategies (CLEWs)”Rebecka Segerstrom
Sep 23rd“Competing by political benefits”Lucas Squarize
Sep 30th“Is the ‘Brain Waste’ voluntary? Evidence from CEE countries”Klaus Nowotny
Oct 7th“An Evaluation of Wages in Guatemala through New Economic Geography Theory”Carlos Figueroa
Oct 14th“Technical Efficiency in the Electricity Generation Market: A Non-Parametric Approach for the Brazilian Utilities”Mauricio Marins
Oct 14th“The Impact of Foreclosures on Nearby Property Values: Evidence from the City of Chicago: 2008-2012”Xian Fang
Oct 21st“Estimation versus. Calibration: A Theoretical and Practical Exploration for Econometric Input Output and Computable General Equilibrium Analysis”Andrew Crawley
Oct 28th“Planning in Cyberenvironments: An Analysis of the Impact of Open Data in Chicago”Caludia Vicentelo
Oct 28th“Regional Income Disparities in Decentralizing Indonesia”Andy Irawan
Nov 4th“Energy Subsidy Policy in a Model of Durable Goods”Ruey Yau
Nov 11th“Schooling, Cognitive Ability, and Knowledge Domains: The Internal and External Returns of Human Capital”Chenxi Yu
Nov 12th“Determinants of Income Inequality in Chile: An Applied Decomposition Analysis based on Factor and Space Characteristics”Marcelo Lufin
Nov 18th“The Impact of Family Income on Childhood Obesity: Evidence from the Earned Income Tax Credit”Young Jo
Dec 2nd“Rethingking Local Protectionism and Idustrial Agglomeration in China”Miao Wang
Dec 9th“Assessing the Regional Business Cycle Asymmetry in a Multi-level Structure Framework: A Study of the 20 U.S. MSAs”Sungyup Chung
Dec 11th“REAL poster session”REAL
Dec 16th“The Extended Regional Econometric Input-Output Model with Heterogeneous Household Demand System”Kijin Kim