2012 Seminars

Spring 2012

Jan 23th“A Prospective Analysis of Brazil and the U.S. Biofuel Trade”Hector Nunez
Jan 30stThe Development of the Brazilian Amazon Region and Greenhouse Gases Emission: a Dilemma to be Faced!”Joaquim Guilhoto
Feb 6th“Quantile regression with summary statistics: some application to housing affordability”Jiaying Gu
Feb 13th“Land Use Modeling and Evaluation of the Economic Effects of Climate Change, Agricultural Productivity and Biofuels in Brazil”Weslem Rodrigues Faria
Feb 20th“Collective Action Cost – The case of Japanese condominium Law”Taisuke Sadayuki
Feb 27th“Personal Charisma or the Economy? Macroeconomic Indicators of Presidential Approval Ratings in Brazil”Sergio Sakurai
Feb 27th“Physical transportation investment, Where?”Carolina Cosculluela
Mar 5th“Urban Structure and Agglomeration Economies in US Metropolitan Areas”Sung-won Lee
Mar 12th“Economic Impacts of Critical Access Hospitals on Rural Illinois”Cristina Miller
Mar 14th“Social networks and trade of services: modeling interregional tourism flows with spatial and network autocorrelation effects”Tamara de la Mata
Mar 14th“Geographical interregional trade frictions: An approach based on municipal data”Jorge Díaz Lanchas
Mar 26th“A Study of Housing Market in Champaign-Urbana: The choice of residence under uncertainty in campus town”Taisuke Sadayuki and Esteban Lopez
Mar 26th“The Macroeconomic Impact of Housing Investment”Carolina Cosculluela
Apr 2nd“Emergence of Global Production Networks and Disruptions of Supply Chains by Disasters”Norihiko Yamano
Apr 9th“Defence Spending in Developed Countries: A Causality Analysis Using Panel Data “Metehan Yılgör
Apr 9th“The World Financial Crisis in Brazil: Industry and Regional Economic Impacts”Admir Betarelli
Apr 16th“Large data sets and the challenge to estimate spatial models. An application for land use in Chicago “María Edisa Soppelsa
Apr 23rd“Revisiting the border effect in Europe and Spain: New results using region-to-region intra-national and inter-national flows”Nuria Gallego
Apr 30th“Ports and Regional Economic Performance Across US Counties”Andi Irawan
Apr 30th“High-Skilled Foreign Labor in US”Xiaoying Xie
May 2nd“Regional Economic Analysis of Internal Migration in Mexico”Rafael Garduno
May 7th“Estimating Housing Price Indices in Space and Time for 10 Illinois Metropolitan Statistics Areas”Minshu Du and Esteban López
May 14th“The intersectoral redirecting of the foreign direct investment in the Brazilian Industry: impacts on the national economy”Breno Augusto da Silva e Silva
May 15th“Ex Ante Real Returns in the Brazilian Treasury Market”Dr. Alex Luiz Ferreira
May 15th“The Role of Remoteness in explaining Human capital and Economic Development levels: The case of Romania”Jesús López-Rodríguez
May 21th“Land Use Policy Reform in China from 1978”Xingxin Ren
May 21th“Stigmatized Property!!”Taisuke Sadayuki

Fall 2012

Aug 9th“Comparative Space-Time Dynamics of Economic Systems: Methods and Implementation”Xinyue Ye
Aug 27th“Elasticities with AIDS for rural and urban Spain”Elena Lasarte
Aug 27th“Entrepreneurship and unemployment in Spain: A regional analysis”Begona Cueto
Sep 10th“Estimating Housing Price Indices for 10 MSAs of Illinois”Esteban Lopez and Minshu Du
Sep 17th“Decomposing the Change in Water Consumption Intensity by Sector: an Application to Beijing, China”Xiuli Liu
Sep 24th“Networks in economy: An input-output research on key sectors “Ana Salome Garcia
Oct 1st“Regional wage disparities: The effect of human capital skill and spatial sorting “Chenxi Yu
Oct 8th“Agglomeration and efficiency across Brazilian regions “Carlos Azzoni
Oct 15th“Comparing Regional Productive Structures Using the Qualitative Input-Output Analysis (QIOA) Framework “Esteban Lopez
Oct 22nd“Exports of Turkish Manufacturing Sectors: A Panel Data Analysis “Bulent Guloglu
Oct 29th“Urban agglomeration and aggregate economic growth “Domingo Pérez Ximénez-de-Embún
Oct 29th“Cyberenvironments help decision-making processes at the local level for pre-disaster planning of natural disasters “Claudia Vicentelo
Nov 5th“After Chinese Higher Education Expansion , the College Wage Premium is Increased or Decreased? —–An Empirical Study Based on the Data of CHNS “Xu Sun
Nov 6th“Regional Imbalances in the Brazilian Economy: a Multiregional I-O “Joaquim J.M. Guilhoto
Nov 12th“Always wanted to teach? Assessing the youth career aspirations of the graduates in education “Leonardo Bonilla Mejia
Nov 26th“School choice and student wellbeing “Domingo Pérez Ximénez-de-Embún
Nov 26th“Paper proposal: Agglomeration Economies, Cooperatives, and Economic Growth “Carlos Figueroa
Dec 3rd“What Money Can Buy: Family Income and Child Obesity “Young Jo
Dec 10th“Credit Access and Housing Consumption: The Case of the Housing Provident Fund “Yilan Xu
Dec 13th“REAL poster session “REAL
Dec 17th“Missing imputation for regional and sectorial data using genetic algorithms: A multidimensional sudoku “Domingo Pérez Ximénez-de-Embún