2011 Seminars

Spring 2011

Jan 24th“Identifying regional workforce development in the United States: an occupation-industry hybrid approach”Jun Wan
Jan 31stEstimating Regional Housing Inflation in Chile”Esteban Lopez
Feb 7th“The Basket Effect in Space and Time of a Housing Price Index”Patricio Aroca and Esteban Lopez
Feb 21th“Financing Brazilian Industry: A Study of Mortgage Market Data for the City of SÃO PAULO (1866-1914)”Gustavo S. Cortes
Feb 23st“CGE Analysis of Transportation Cost and Regional Economy: East Asia and Northern Kyushu”Hiroshi Sakamoto
Feb 28th“The Role of Ecuadorian State on Labor Market: Links Between Public Sector and Unemployment Rate”Carlos S. Guevara
Mar 7th“Examining Cross Section Data for an Explanatory model of Poverty in Bangladesh”A. K. M. Riaz Uddin
Mar 15th“Self-Selection, Amenity, Agglomeration, and Spatial Equilibrium: A New Framework to Understand Migration”Chenxi Yu
Mar 25th“Spatial Structure, Density Functions, and the Regional Boundary”Prof. John B. Parr
Mar 28th“Cash-cum-in-kind transfers and income tax: The Laffer curve revisited”Prof. Enlinson Mattos
Mar 28th“Regional inflation dynamics using space-time models”Gabriel Pino Saldias
Apr 4th“Istanbul as an attraction center for Global and Regional Capital: A general overview of IFC-Istanbul Project”Cihan T. Cagil
Apr 11th“Population, Education, Economic Growth and Structural Change: the Extended Input-Output Framework on Education Considering Population”Prof. Hongxia Zhang
Apr 18th“Point pattern analysis methods in the study of the spatial agglomeration of firms”Prof. Giuseppe Arbia
Apr 20th“Specification Testing for Panel Spatial Models with Misspecification”Monalisa Sen
Apr 25th“Export, Migration, and Costs of Market Entry: Evidence from Central European Firms”Dr.. Dieter Pennerstorfer
Apr 27th“Rural Migrants’ Housing Choices and Constraints in Urban China”Minshu Du
May 2nd“Employment Centers Identification in Metropolitan LimaLuis Escobedo