2009 Seminars

Spring 2009

Feb 2nd“FDI Location Determinants in China (1986-2006): Spatial Panel Perspective”PDFYuyuan Wen
Feb 9thEnergy Policy and Spatial Economy: Do Energy Transport Costs Matter?”PDFGervasio F. Santos
Feb 16th“Inflation targeting in LatinAmerica”PDFPedro Bertolo
Feb 23rd“A Spatial Economic Model for Manufacturing Agglomeration in an Open Economy: Evidence from China (1990-2007)”PDFYan Yang
Mar 2nd“Polarization vs. New Classical Growth Theory: Can the Convergence Model be the Judge?”PDFChenxi Yu
Mar 9th“Determinants of FDI Behavior A Panel Data Analysis across Regions”PDFTota Panggabean
Mar 16th“Brazil: Economic Development or What?”PDFRaul Santos
Mar 30th“Earnings Mobility and Inequality in Brazil: 1993-2007”PDFMariangela Furlan Antigo
Apr 6th“A Size approach in understanding Input-Output technological coefficients: The case of the Food Manufacturing Industry in Illinois”PDFRafael A. Vera
April 13th“Test of a Break in the Price Series of Tradable Carbon Emissions in the EU Market”PDFJun Wan
April 27th“New Geographical and Economic Development Frontiers for the Creativity Index”PDFJosé D. de León
May 4th“Transition growth among Brazilian states”PDFClaudia Rodrigues

Summer 2009

Jun 22nd“Fiscal Policy in the European Union: A Literature Review”PDFAlejandro Ricci Risquete
Jun 29thWhy electro-intensive consumers no longer invest in electricity generation in Brazil?”PDFErik E. Rego
Jul 7th“China’s Housing Price Affected by Economic Fundamentals or Real Estate Policy?- A Panel Data Approach of 35 of the Main Cities in China”PDFHuayi yu

Fall 2009

Aug 31st“Housing price equality and mixed communities explained by the process of gentrification: Evidence from Chicago”PDFLaura Atuesta
Sep 14thThe distributional effects of NAFTA in Mexico: evidence from a panel of municipalities”PDFRafael Garduño
Sep 21st“Measuring the competitive capabilities of the Mexican City system: The institutional failure”PDFGuillermo Ibarra
Sep 28th“The effects of future retail developments on the local economy: Combining micro and macro approaches”PDFEveline Van Leeuwen
Oct 7th“Regional industrial structure and manufacturing productivity”PDFJoshua Drucker
Oct 12th“A methodology to compute the regional housing price index using matching estimator methods”PDFDusan Paredes
Oct 19th“Testing the mechanisms of social inequality by modeling food distribution in the context of Cartagena, Colombia”PDFCharles Ehlschlaeger
Oct 26th“Food and biofuel production expansion and their consequences to land-use changes and regional development in the Brazilian Cerrado”PDFGeraldo Martha
Nov 2nd“A polycentric model for the urban area of the city of Bogotá, Colombia”PDFAntonio Avedaño
Nov 9th“Scaling the role of small versus large firms in Regional Development: A policy approach”PDFRafael Vera
Nov 30th“Spatial hedonic models of airport noise and property values: A case study of Midway Airport, Chicago”PDFJizhou Fu
Dec 7th“Competition between branded and unbranded gas stations: an empirical entry model”PDFLuciano Sampaio